Why go swimming on Boxing Day?

What is all of this hullabaloo about? Well, you could read the history of this event elsewhere on our website; you could join the throngs on Tenby’s North Beach on Boxing Day morning, just being part of a festive crowd, full of camaraderie & goodwill; or you could decide to break out from the Xmas indulgence for just an hour, do something radical & mind clearing, even raise a few pounds for a worthy cause or two.

Our worthy causes, hoping to benefit from this year’s swim, include: Tenby RNLI, Tenby Surflink, Tenby Sea Cadets, St John’s Ambulance Wales.

Or, you could do some fund raising for your own choice of worthy cause; all we ask is a note from you of how much you’ve raised & for which cause. You can find an official sponsorship form here if you’d like to use one of ours.

And, if you should decide to brave the briny, you can collect one of these medals to help you remember ‘you was there’